Compliance pack and soft skills pack

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In this compliance and soft skills pack we bundle together both the compliance modules and soft skills modules giving you access to the following courses;


  • Data protection & GDPR

This course is designed for anyone who handles people's data as part of their job. It provides an overview of the key requirements for data protection, including the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018. It also highlights the rights and responsibilities the new legislation brings about. 


  • Anti-money laundering

This course looks at the huge problem of Money Laundering and Financial Crime. It starts by considering, at a high level, some of the primary legislation aimed at preventing Financial Crime in the UK and internationally. It then considers the process by which criminals 'clean' their money and how we can all work together to prevent Money Laundering. The module concludes with a validation test to confirm your learning.  


  • Bribery and corruption

Any firm which could be exposed to bribery should have an anti-bribery policy. Understanding what constitutes bribery and knowing how to guard against it are both essential in the modern world. 

In this training module, you will learn about bribery, the legal measures against it and the possible consequences of failure. You will also learn what we can all do to help guard against bribery and corruption. 


  • Diversity and equality

This course aims to introduce the important topics of Equality & Diversity and, in particular, how they impact the workplace. 


  • Customer fair treatment

The fair treatment of customers should be central to the way all regulated firms operate. The 'Treating Customers Fairly - TCF' regime should now be part of business as normal. This course looks at what does, and does not, represent customer fair treatment. 


  • Whistleblowing

This course covers the very important subject of whistle-blowing. In the Financial Services industry, we sometimes come across practices or events that cause us concern. As we will see, the law protects those who disclose such concerns.


  • Vulnerable customers

This course considers the issue of vulnerable customers and looks at both the regulatory and the ethical issues associated with working with the vulnerable. 


  • Conduct risk

This module provides a high-level overview of the key issues in relation to conduct risk. It should help you when developing business plans and strategies. 


  • Information security

We live in an electronic world where huge amounts of personal and private data are collected and stored. Protecting that data places a responsibility on all of us.


  • Communication Skills

Communication is essential to all aspects of our lives - both in work and outside. This course looks at the various methods of communication and explores the ways we can make sure our message is received in the way we intend.


  • Effective time management

If you find that there is always too much to do and too little time to do it, this course could well be the one for you! We look at some of the most effective methods for managing your time and consider how you can get the most out of every hour.


  • Adapting to change

Change is an essential part of life. Despite this, dealing with change can be an extremely stressful experience. This course considers the process of adapting to change effectively. 


  • Effective team working

Effective teamwork is vitally important to every aspect of our lives. In this course we look at what makes a good team, how teams develop and how you can get the most out of your teams.


  • Leadership skills

Leadership is one of the most important skills in business and the world outside work. The ability to lead and inspire others can bring about great things. In this course we look at what makes a great leader, consider the difference between leading and managing, examine different theories of leadership and look at how you can develop as a leader. We also consider what might stop you becoming a successful leader. 


  • Assertiveness

Being assertive allows you to express your opinions in a strong and appropriate manner. Some people find this natural, others really struggle. This course aims to help you be more assertive and get more from social interactions. Although the course is primarily aimed at the workplace, the techniques we cover are equally applicable to your home life. 


  • Mastering presentations

Giving presentations can be a real source of concern for many people. In this module, we will give you some tips to help you put together and deliver presentations with impact. 


  • Effective networking

Building your network allows you to expand your professional contacts and can lead to sales and opportunities. In this brief course, we look at some of the core networking techniques that work.


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